Artist Gregory Reyes Herbold Dec. 13 Artwalk

Ludlow is excited and honored to be showing the work of Gregory Reyes Herbold for this months Phinney Ridge art walk. Gregory’s detailed ink and watercolor work runs the gamut from playful and sweet to melancholy and maudlin, but never strays from themes that are universally idnetifiable. Opening reception is Friday December 13 from 6-9pm […]

An Interesting Perspective On The Value of Our “Treasures”

        This New York Times article poses an interesting point about the value and marketability of our treasured things. In the vintage/antiques/collectibles world, people are often focused very heavily on what something is “worth,” consulting the internet, price guides and the like for a dollar figure. While a piece’s scarcity or the […]

Mildly Obsessed with Tiny Spaces

Looking forward to seeing the documentary film “Tiny,” a look at the tiny house trend, when it comes to Seattle. I’ve always admired people with the ability to fully utilize small spaces creatively.    

Heirloom Quilts by S.D. Evans Now Available at Ludlow

Heirloom Quilts by S.D. Evans Now Available at Ludlow

“S.D. Evans Quilts makes heirloom quilts with the simple beauty and utilitarian craftsmanship of traditional quilts. Each quilt is handmade in Seattle from a variety of 100% natural fabrics – so they are soft and ready to use.” These quilts are both stunning to look at and completely functional. They are crafted to last much […]

Spiked Punch Blog’s Great Ludlow Shrub Cocktail Recipe

Thank  you, A.J. Rathbun for the great recipe idea and for giving the Ludlow Market shrub a glowing recommendation. The Hanson Sparkler Ice cubes 1-1/2 ounces Seattle Distilling Company Idle Hours whiskey 1 ounce Ludlow Market Blackberry Sarsaparilla Vanilla shrub 5 to 6 ounces soda water 1. Fill a highball or double-ish Old Fashioned glass […]

Fall Finds

We love autumn in Seattle. It’s a great time to fluff up your nest and make it comfortable and cozy for the long nights and wet days.  It’s also a perfect time for getting your ducks in a row for the holidays, whether you’re planning a holiday party or on the look out for that […]

Lively Up Your Holiday Party Cocktails with Ludlow Shrubs

  Holiday season is just around the corner and that means you’ll likely be enjoying the company of family and friends over some great food and drinks. This fall, try revitalizing your repertoire of potables with some great shrubs. What’s a shrub ( besides the obvious bush that adorns your yard?) In a nutshell; a […]